GS Alfa Engineers

Semiconductor & Electronic Applications

Rapid advances in the realm of Semiconductors and Electronic applications exemplify the promise that technology holds forth for the future. Technology leadership, consistent investments in research and development, and partnering with customers have enabled CUNO to provide innovative filtration and purification products to address critical contamination problems.

With over 200 patents worldwide, advanced manufacturing capabilities, global infrastructure, technical expertise and customer support services, CUNO offers some of the most advanced and novel products available to the semiconductor and electronics industries. All CUNO filtration and purification systems are designed and manufactured to conform to stringent quality standards, assuring reliable results.

From DI Water to Photoresist to Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP), CUNO technology finds use in a wide range of applications, Recent products include PhotoSHIELD™ Nylon Filter Cartridges & Capsules for photoresist & ancillary chemicals applications, and OPTIMA™ Filter Cartridges & Capsules for CMP applications.

CUNO filtration and purification systems are the preferred choice for DI water applications where critical cleaning of wafers, integrated circuits, video displays and data storage devices is essential. Photoresists, wet etch chemicals and anti-reflective coatings are some of the most expensive materials used to manufacture electronics components. These chemicals demand the ultimate in purity and quality, making CUNO filters and purifiers the automatic choice, worldwide.