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The HC series toroidal conductivity sensor is specifically designed to be used on CIP systems to measure conductivity in cleaning solutions ranging from 0-200 up to 0-2,000,000 microSiemens/cm and temperature compensated over a range of 0° and 200°C. With its unique stainless steel housing and Teflon coated probe, these sensors are impervious to process coating or contamination.

The ITM-4 Turbidity Meter is a feature packed, application-specific solution for turbidity monitoring in critical applications. It has been designed for ease of installation, set-up, and use in a variety of industries. Review our brochure or call us for a product demonstration today.


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The ITM-3 is the latest generation of optical turbidity sensors developed for specific applications in our Dairy, Beverage, and Brewing markets. This simple sensor is easy to mount, wire and program, and provides a reliable signal based on changes in relative turbidity. This can be used to automate processes such as start-ups and changeovers, CIP rinses and return lines, yeast harvesting, and filter protection and alarming. In these applications the ITM-3 has proven to provide rapid payback by reducing product losses and water usage, as well as improving live yeast capture and beer quality.

The ILM is an integral toroidal conductivity sensor that is a simple, easy to use solution for the measurement of liquid conductivities. Designed for use on CIP systems to measure conductivity in cleaning solutions and for phase transition detection in beverage and brewing plants, the ILM has operating ranges from 0-0.500 up to 2,000 mS/cm and dual analog outputs for conductivity and temperature measurement.