GS Alfa Engineers

Wine Manufacturing

The choicest of wines owe their fine taste to painstaking and meticulous processes involved in wine making.


From the verdant fields of Bordeaux to the vineyards of Napa, from the Barossa Valley to wineries the world over, CUNO has worked for decades with winemakers providing the filtration expertise that is critical to achieving clarity and stability of these fine wines.

This expertise has led to a number of groundbreaking CUNO inventions, including the asbestos-free depth filter; Zeta Plus®, the Nylon membrane, Zetapor® and now, the first Nylon membrane optimized to withstand the arduous conditions found in wineries, BevASSURE II.

CUNO takes a systems approach to help winemakers optimize their filtration and works individually with the winemaker to design the optimum system for clarification, pre-filtration and final filtration. This results in integrated filtration systems that reduce overall filtration costs while maintaining efficiency and reliability.