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Beverage Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Transmitters

A member of Anderson’s Next Generation Platform, the MPF Food/Beverage/Dairy pressure transmitter provides a fully modular design, internal diagnostic display, and superior environmental protection. State of the Art performance delivers accuracy to 0.1% of calibrated range with class leading stability. Broadly configurable, 24 v DC,Loop powered (2 wire) 4 – 20 mA output with available HART 7.0



Form AIC 5070

The Anderson SR offers not only a new low profile design, but may be ordered with built-in LCD indication.



Form AIC 3526

Our "T" Series pressure transmitter is a microprocessor-based sensor specifically designed for sanitary fluid process applications in the food and beverage industry.



Form AIC 3765

A 3-A compliant stainless steel diaphragmed version of our ultra low profile series. The HH is ideal for preassembled skids destined for the wet environments found in dairies, beverage and food processing facilities.



Form AIC 5060