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Beverage Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

The EL Series 90mm pressure gauge is designed to be the toughest, most reliable gauge for any sanitary application up to 1000 psig. The EL also has the lowest, narrowest profile in the industry without any sacrifice in readability or performance.



Form AIC 5015

The extended life Homogenizer gauge with optional transmitter is designed to accommodate all modern homogenizers. The "Extended Life" series is ruggedly built and designed to provide Anderson durability in the Dairy environment.



Form AIC 5059

Our sanitary pressure gauges are precision instruments designed for use in pressure-dependent processes in which variation of just a few psi can spell the difference between a mediocre product and one of high quality.



Form AIC 3389

This gauge provides a battery-powered, local display of pressure that is 6 times more accurate than its mechanical counter-part, with 3 times the over-range capacity and 5 to 10 times the resolution of traditional mechanical pressure indicators! The switch version provides all this, PLUS 2 fully adjustable switches with low-voltage relay outputs for simple control and/or alarming.



Form AIC 5038